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Welcome! The production photos and video s are a selection of professional and academic work. Additional production materials available upon request .  Click on each blog post to access content for the productions. 
Recent posts

The Crucible - directed by Marc Devine, Theatre NDSU Fall 2021

The Crucible  was performed in December of 2021 as part of Theatre NDSU's 2021-22 Season. This was the first large-scale, live theatre performance at Theatre NDSU since the spring of 2020. The production observed and maintained all Covid-19 health and safety protocols, including masking for both performers and audience members.  Directed by Marc Devine Movement Direction and Dialect Coaching by Marc Devine Photo Credit: Kensie Wallner Photography  

Little Thinker Adventures 2.0 - Voice Over - Think About the Body & Think About the Garden

Little Thinker Adventures 2.0 is an audio series of educational stories, designed for young audiences.  Recent productions have been written, produced, and directed by theatre director, Jess Jung.  As a Voice Over Artist in these two episodes, I played multiple roles, that were quite fun and silly! Episodes can be downloaded at: In the Think About the Garden , Marc Devine voiced the characters: Ladybug and Snail In Think About the Body , Marc Devine voiced the characters: Stomach, Colon, and Blood

Macbeth - directed by Marc Devine, 2021 St Lou Fringe Festival & Theatre NDSU Spring 2021

Macbeth  - is an innovative, site-specific digital theatre experience created as part of Theatre NDSU's 2020-2021 Season in response to Covid-19. This re-telling of Shakespeare's classic story utilized elements of shadow puppetry , object theatre , and devising to push the boundaries of creating a digitally streamed play during the global pandemic.   After its premier in March 2021, the production was selected as part of the  2021 St Lou Fringe Festival , and was shared again with a regional audience in August 2021.  Production Trailer is below:

Pajama Day - The Seven Event 2020

The Seven Event - 2020 A human rights event co-sponsored by the Human Family and the NDSU Memorial Union Gallery Pajama Day was developed and performed for The Seven during January of 2020.  Pajama Day is an interview-based, devised theatre piece, re-telling the story of how an elementary school teacher in the local area reshaped her classroom environment to include both her binary and transgendered student population. Developed by Marc Devine, and performed by Scobie Bathie, this devised performance centers on themes of inclusivity and acceptance, addressing obstacles that children may face when exploring who they really are.  Archival Video Recording:

Fun Home - directed by Marc Devine, Theatre NDSU Fall 2019

Fun Home was performed as part of Theatre NDSU's 2019-2020 Season.  Directed by Marc Devine Choreography and Intimacy Coordination by Marc Devine Photo Credit: Kensie Wallner Photography

LIMINAL - a (re)imagined fairy tale {devised}

LIMINAL - a (re)imagined fairytale was devised as part of NDSU's 2018-2019 Season, pulled source material from Clarissa Pinkola Estes', Women Who Run with the Wolves , and deconstructed the fairytales  East of the Sun and West of the Moon ,  The Selkie , Bluebeard , The Little Match Girl , and  the myth  of  Cassandra . LIMINAL, was conceived and directed by Marc Devine, and devised in collaboration with Theatre NDSU's ensemble. Photo Credit: Kensie Wallner Photography          

The Seven Event - 'The Little Matchgirl' - A Selection from LIMINAL - 2019

The Seven Event - 2019 A human rights event co-sponsored by the Human Family and the NDSU Memorial Union Gallery As I was in the process of devising, LIMINAL, I was invited to create a stand-alone performance for The Seven human rights event. This devised performance deconstructs Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale, The Little Match Girl , and interlaces it with interview-based source material from aid workers that volunteered in Syrian Refugee Camps in Slovenia during 2016. The Little Match Girl was conceived by Marc Devine, and devised by the Theatre NDSU ensemble.  Directed by Marc Devine.  Archival Video of "The Little Match Girl":

Mad World - Movement Choreography & Dialect

Mad World was produced by Ball State University's Department of Theatre and Dance, as part of the Discovery New Musical Theatre Festival in 2014, and was fully staged in the fall of 2015. The production performed in Milwaukee in January 2016, as part of the 2015 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival.  The production won 7 national awards, including Outstanding Production of a New or Devised Work. More information regarding the specific awards can be found here.   Marc Devine received the Kennedy Center National Award of Distinguished Choreography or Movement Direction for his work on Mad World , as part of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival of 2015.  Movement Choreography by Marc Devine Dialect Coaching by Marc Devine Archival Movement Footage:

Equus - Movement Choreography & Dialect

This production of Equus  was produced by Ball State University in 2015, under the direction of Matt Reeder. I served as both the Movement Choreographer and Dialect Coach. For our interpretation, the horses were doubled in number, with both a female and male part for each, excluding Nugget. Nugget and Alan formed a complete pairing.  Archival Footage:

Dance The Orange - 2013

Dance The Orange  is an Adaptation on the myth of Orpheus, utilizing multi-media projections, original music, heightened text of Rainer Maria Rilke, and contemporary story-telling techniques.  Dance The Orange  premiered in Denver, CO in 2013, as a co-production between The Umbrella Collective and Control Group Productions.    

Orestes - 2011

Orestes  is a solo show, written, directed, and designed by Marc Devine at Naropa University in 2011.   Orestes  deconstructs Aeschylus's Oresteia , exploring the relationship between digital projection as character/chorus and solo performance.

Work with Opera del Espacio 2009 - 2011

Opera del Espacio is a site-specific performance collective, creating site-specific movement performances. Although this work is created out of the postmodern aesthetics of Viewpoints and deconstructionism, the work is intended to be accessible, interesting, entertaining, and often interactive to the audience.    Below are a series of selections from Opera del Espacio's early work.

Permissible Union 2010 Premier at Grand Performances & Work with ARTEL

Permissible Union is an original opera, commissioned as part of the 2010 California on Location Awards (COLA) show, and was performed at Grand Performances in downtown Los Angeles.  Lyrics and book by Ken Roht, Music by Curtis Heard, and co-directed by Ken Roht and Marc Devine. Work with ARTEL - 2006-2007 Devising Theatre:  Inspirations from Russian Author, Mikhail Bulgakov, 2006-2007  -LA TACO - GOGOL MOGUL TEA ROOM - January 9, 2007 "The advertisement said ‘ARTEL’ would perform songs, poems, etudes and compositions ...But in the tradition of the Grotowski and Gardzienice theater groups from Poland, this Laboratory Ensemble didn’t want me to go anywhere…they wanted me to stay right there with them, using one unlikely trick to keep us cemented to our seats: They didn’t say a word...  A young man (Marc Devine) with a tape recorder hammers away at an old typewriter, then slowly extract from it its white sheet of paper, chews it down then leaves us to listen to